Vivian Grisogono


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More technically, crook-lying (or hook-lying) hip extension.
Benefits: Strengthens your hamstrings, gluteals and back extensor muscles through lifting the weight of your trunk against gravity in a concentric-eccentric pattern. 
The muscles shorten in concentric contraction as you lift your hips, then pay out eccentrically as you reverse the movement. The exercise also works the calf muscles and stretches the abdominal muscles and the fronts of your hips to a certain extent. This exercise is excellent for co-ordinating these muscle groups. it helps counteract the tendency for the back and hips to slump into the bent position under the pressure of gravity when sitting or standing. So it makes it easier to sit and stand up straight, without hunching the back.
Position: Lie on your back with your knees bent, hands by your sides
Movement: Lift your hips upwards so that you balance on your feet and shoulders
Note: Avoid pain. Breathe normally. Don’t lift your hips up too high. Avoid over-arching your back.
Repetitions and frequency: 10-20 times, 2 times a day
After injury: Can be done as soon as pain permits after a back or hip problem or injury to the hamstrings or front-thigh.