Vivian Grisogono

Vivian Grisogono - Grisogono


Nenad Grisogono: Escape to Italy 1943

The story of my father's escape from Nazi-occupied Dalmatia in 1943, and the perils he and his friends faced in their journey from Split to Bari to join the British Army.

Zlata Grisogono (1910 - 2000)

The story of my mother Zlata (1910-2000), whose life spanned a turbulent period of European history.

Celebrating a hundredth birthday in Split

My mother Zlata (née Dubravčić) died in December 2000, six months after celebrating her 90th birthday. On June 23rd 2010, my sister Maria and brother-in-law Nicholas joined me in Split to celebrate what would have been her 100th birthday in some of mother's favourite places.