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Articles on other websites: Property owning, legal processes

The Notary Public:

Hvar's Notary Public; what the Notary Public does; contact and visiting details.

The Personal Identity Number - OIB:

What the Croatian Identity Number is; who needs it; how to apply.

Property: Purchase, ownership and rules for renting out.

How to check the Land Registry:

How the Croatian Land Registry works, and how to check Land Registry entries via the Internet.

How to check the Cadastar (Katastar):

What the Cadastar is, and how to check Cadastar entries on the Internet.

Renovations and Building Works:

A guide to doing building works and renovations in Croatia.


Articles on other websites: Hvar Traditions

About the Easter traditions in Pitve:

Uskrsni ponedjeljak / Easter Monday Lunch. Pitve Procession the Feminine Touch

Velika subota - Easter Saturday

Za Križen  / All-Night Procession -. Veliki četvrtak - petak; Maundy Thursday - Good Friday

Veliki četvrtak, pripreme - Maundy Thursday, preparations

Baraban. Velika srijeda, Wednesday Holy Week. A Hvar Tradition

Procession etiquette

Cvjetnica / Palm Sunday - Pitve 2012

About Corpus Christi:

The feast of Corpus Christi, a public holiday in Croatia, is celebrated with a Mass followed by a procession in each parish.

About Candlemas:

The feast celebrated on February 2nd each year has a special, possibly unique tradition on Hvar.

About Blessing the Graves:

The traditional blessing of the graves on November 1st, All Saints' Day.



As Hvar is by and large a quiet place, natural sounds stand out. Much of the time birdsong is the loudest noise one can hear.


In 2011 Dubrovnik’s officials decided to mark their continuing appreciation of Kathy Wilkes’ unique contribution to their city by placing a commemorative plaque on an historic square near the Lovrijenac fortress, and renaming the square after her.


When Croatia voted ‘yes’ to joining the EU, was it a bright new dawn, or false hopes?

THE 'HEKTOROVIĆ' PALACE, HVAR: history comes to life

The so-called ‘Hektorović Palace’ in Hvar has a strange history. It dates back to the beginning of the 15th century, or the end of the 14th century at the earliest. Right up to the 20th century, the emptiness behind its impressive floral-Gothic facade and its lack of a roof made it look like a ruin, perhaps the victim of a big fire, but in fact it was simply unfinished.


Croatian is a difficult language for foreigners to learn, all the more so because each region of Croatia uses local variations on the “standard” language.


When I left the UK to live in my homeland Croatia in 2004, I dealt with a mass of paperwork in order to move myself, all my worldly goods, a host of plants, my parents’ ashes, and two dogs.


Electricity is a precious and (in)valuable resource.


The Adriatic is rich in fish, and a holiday on the coast is a good opportunity for some healthy, delicious eating.

PITVE WEATHER provides a comprehensive weather forecasting service to meet everyone's needs, and even has a special daily bulletin for Pitve.


Buying property in Croatia, as everywhere, can be, or at least seem, complicated.


Celebrations for Christmas are spread over most of December. Children receive their presents on St Nicholas’ day (December 6th, Sv.Nikola) or, less commonly, on 13th December, St Lucy’s day (Sv.Lucija).


Throughout Croatia, the graveyards are blessed each year on All Saints's Day, November 1st.


There are olives everywhere on Hvar during November, on the trees, piled up in crates and sacks by the paths and roads, or being transported on trailers, trucks and tractors, slow or fast, but always rattling with noisy self-assurance.



 Any time from late August on, the grape harvest starts on Hvar. A lot depends on the weather. In 2006, there was a lot of heavy rain earlier in the season, so many delayed bringing in the grapes until October.


 Easter is a major festival in the Christian calendar, celebrated joyously all round the world wherever Christianity is practised. In most Catholic countries, there are processions, especially on Good Friday, with traditional chants . Jelsa, a small northern port on Hvar Island is the centre of a unique traditional procession which has been carried out continuously for over 500 years.


 Winter is the time when all major building projects are done. On Hvar Island, as everywhere on the Dalmatian coast, builders, tilers, stonemasons, iron workers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians work flat out through the winter, give or take the respite of the various religious holidays.