Vivian Grisogono


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Main working muscles: The pectorals and the anterior deltoids

Set the machine: You may be able to adjust the seat height in order to alter the angle between your chest, shoulders and elbows. Start with the joints at right angles.

Set the weight: Start with a light weight which you can handle comfortably.

Starting position: Sit comfortably on the seat with your back straight and head supported, your legs apart and feet flat on the floor. Bring the arm-rests forwards with the foot lever, until you can place your arms in position behind them. Release the foot lever.

Action: Bring your elbows together so that the arm-rests almost touch, then reverse the movement with control as far back as you comfortably can.

Breathe normally, or breathe in before starting the action and out as your arms move forwards.

Caution: Avoid pain. Do not over-stretch the shoulders at the end of the reverse movement. If you cannot control the degree of stretch, or if your legs start to tense up, the weight is too heavy. Use the foot lever to release your arms from the arm-rests before they reach full stretch when you have finished your repetitions.

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