Vivian Grisogono


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I trust that you are enjoying life on your Croatian island.....2 years on, I thought it was time to let you know that my body is still holding together! Proof of this is that I won the World Masters Squash Over 65 in Cape Town in October:-

I managed to "peak" at the right time and NOTHING hurt whilst I was in South Africa.  And I have seen a video which shows that I actually moved on court, perhaps not very elegantly but nevertheless undisputed movement........The next goal is New Zealand 2008 - we have intended to visit New Zealand for some time and World Masters Squash tends to focus the mind.

You will no doubt be pleased to learn that I am still doing your range of "keep the hips flexible" exercises and that I have been nearly injury-free during the last couple of years (grand total of 3 appointments with a physio).  I do some on-court movement training and also occasionally use a bicycle in the gym for fitness work, as this is easier on my back/hips/ legs that running........but any gym work is BORING.

Barbara, UK December 2006