Vivian Grisogono


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Benefits: Stretches the triceps muscle behind the arm and the upper part of latissimus dorsi, the large muscle which extends from the shoulder right down to the rim of the pelvis. Helps prevent any tendency to drop the shoulder while walking, therefore helps to reduce or stop a limp.

Position: Standing up or sitting on a stool, with your back straight, head up.
Movement: Raise one arm straight up above your head, and bend the elbow so that your hand is behind your neck. With your other hand, gently pull the raised elbow inwards, towards and slightly behind your head, keeping the elbow well bent. Hold for a count of 6, then relax completely.
Repetitions and frequency: 3-5 times, 1-3 times a day
Note: Avoid pain. Breathe normally. Don’t force the movement. Try to keep your head up throughout.
After injury: Essential after any injury involving the shoulder or back of the arm. Should be done as soon as pain permits. Also to be done after any leg problem which has caused a limp.

Diagram: Michael Bartlett