Vivian Grisogono


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Benefits: Maintains and improves the rotation range of the shoulders, which is vital for avoiding arthritic changes in later life. Helps you to maintain balance between the shoulders. An excellent injury prevention exercise for all sports, especially those which use the arms such as racket games, weightlifting, gymnastics and athletic throwing events.

Position: Sit or stand, with your back straight and head up.

Movement: Put one arm up above your head, and drop your hand behind your neck and upper back, palm facing inwards, towards your back; place the other hand downwards behind your back, palm facing away from your body; gently press your hands towards each other, so that they touch, if possible. Hold the position for a count of 6. Repeat 3 times.

Repetitions and frequency: 1-3 times on each side. If one side is stiffer than the other, do more repetitions for that side.

Note: Avoid pain. Don't force the stretch. Keep your neck muscles as relaxed as possible throughout the movement. Breathe evenly, do n't hold your breath.
After injury: A late-stage exercise after injuries to the shoulder. Should be done as soon as possible after any injury to the wrist or han