Vivian Grisogono


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Benefits: Helps to prevent tightness over the outer side of the pelvis and thigh down to the knee, so can help prevent some problems in the hip and pelvic regions.
 Position: Sit on the floor or a firm surface, or lie on your back. Straighten one leg, bend the other up towards your chest and cross it over the straight leg, placing your foot at the outer side of the straight knee.
To stretch: Gently push your upper knee sideways over the other leg with your hand, until you feel a slight stretching sensation over the outer side of the hip and thigh on that side. Hold the position for a count of 6, then relax completely.
Repetitions and frequency: 3-10 times, 1-2 times a day.
Note: Avoid pain. Breathe evenly and keep your head up. Do not over-stretch or hold the stretch and then try to stretch further from the stretched position. If you feel pain in the groin region as you stretch, alter your starting position; if it persists, leave the exercise out.
After injury: Essential after any problems involving the hip abductor muscles (gluteus medius and minimus), and the iliotibial tract, especially iliotibial tract friction syndrome, a common problem in runners and cyclists.