Vivian Grisogono


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Benefits: Strengthens the muscles on the back of the shoulder, arm, hip and leg, using a combination of muscle work against gravity and a static hold pattern for stability, with minimal strain on the spinal joints.
Position: On all fours, resting your weight on your hands, knees and shins.
Lift one leg and the opposite arm, straighten the leg behind you, pointing your toes, and extend your arm forwards, palm down. Keep your arm and leg in line with your body. Hold the position for a count of two, then return to the starting position and relax. Repeat using the other arm and leg.
Avoid pain. Breathe normally. If your knees hurt, use a soft cushion under them; if this doesn’t help, don’t do the exercise.
Repetitions and frequency:
Do the sequence 5-10 times, 2 times a day.
After injury: Can be done as soon as pain permits after problems in the shoulder, upper back, hip region, lower back and hamstrings.